EAT ME – Food through Art & Design


Eat Me is an exhibition about how we understand ourselves and the world through food.

Food is the supreme metaphor of our time. We use food to comment on practically anything: our social problems, our cultural habits, our identities, our understanding of nature. We use food to set boundaries, refine our sensibilities and project our visions of the future.

In the art scene, food art has its origins as early as the still life paintings and in representations of the Last Supper. In contemporary art, we find works made of and about food. In design, food is traditionally associated with objects linked to food, such as cutlery, dish-ware, chairs and dining rooms. The new field of eating design focuses on the food situation and food as process.

In the EAT ME exhibition, food is presented in terms of seven themes: society, culture, identity, nature, boundaries, senses and future.




ARDE at the opening talking about the Covent Chair


Central to the exhibition is a large ‘sense table’. At the table, visitors experience the exhibition on their own bodies. What is taste? How do the surroundings affect our taste experiences? What will be the food of the future? Surrounding the sense table are 28 dining chairs of new Nordic design. The ‘sense table’ challenges the ways we perform our everyday rituals in which values, tastes and practices meet.



(Subtitles will be available soon)

New Works