"A crowd is gathering in my workshop as I put together a piece that will continue to change with time. Crowd will ultimately incorporate 25-30 individuals and is an organic community of work rather than a static body. Pieces are replaced with new as they leave the group in a process of continual rejuvenation and reinvention.

I am using a full material pallet in this project allowing each candlestick to have it’s own integrity, enabling it to stand alone or work together with any number of “colleagues”.

Crowd represents a departure from my previous stand alone, unique work and aims to incorporate an element of serial production into my craft practice while satisfying my need to avoid repetition and cloning."

- David Taylor


NEW WORKS products shown:

Crowd Candle Holder - Miora Mesh, Concrete w. Brass Base // Design: David Taylor

Crowd Candle Holder - Rough Billy, Concrete w. Copper Base // Design: David Taylor

Crowd Candle Holder - Tall Stuart, Concrete w. Wood Base // Design: David Taylor

New Works