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New Works Showroom, Copenhagen


In collaboration with Lotta Agaton Interiors, we proudly open the doors to our new showroom located in the iconic neighbourhood of Frederiksstaden, Copenhagen. Lotta’s work has always shared our commitment to natural materials and quality craftsmanship. Together, we will present our growing range in a more sophisticated setting. With a focus on a deeper palette of materials and finishes, we aim to reflect the increasing maturity of the New Works collection and our own vision on what Nordic design can be today.

A Mature Vision


Covent Series

Just like the original, the Covent Love Seater and Covent Bar Stool expertly balance the elements of soft and hard. The unique asymmetrical frame extends - both out and up, to bring new meaning to the series. While the Love Seater creates a warm cocoon for two, the Bar Stool focuses on lines inspired by Mondrian – with more than ample comfort on top. A series that is both graphic and organic, commanding and welcoming.


“Materials are at the core of everything we do at New Works. To create sculptural objects that have their own voice, whilst complementing each other; honest materiality is key.”